GEO 311 - Geoscience and Global Concerns

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GEO 311-H Geoscience and Global Concerns

An exploration of how technologically-based problems facing the United States and the world are related to the basic scientific principles that explain the properties of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. The set of issues include such geoscience-based topics as global warming, fossil fuel resources, nuclear waste disposal, and earthquake prediction and preparedness.
Prerequisite: GEO 101 or 102 or 107 or 122
3 credits

This is a screen capture of a Google Earth overlay of a wave travel time map for the tsunami of December 26, 2004 from the National Geophysical Data Center. The view also displays a tectonic plate boundary file from the United States Geological Survey and data file that outlines, in red, the boundaries of countries where deaths occurred.

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