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Project Java is a collaboration between the Mineral Physics Institute and the Center for Environmental Molecular Science , both headquartered at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Undergraduate students who participate in this program develop interactive Java applets designed for use as instructional tools in Earth Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and related disciplines.

Serving Applets Since 1996

Flax Pond Digital Library

COMPRES Image Library

Mineral Physics Institute Image Library

ITS 102:
Modeling the Environmental Chemistry
of a Long Island River
(AJAX-Based Google Map)

Flax Pond
Summer Institute 2006
(AJAX-Based Google Map)

Chemical Charge

Create an electrically neutral ionic compound by varying the cation to anion ratio.

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GridBlaster Game
An introduction to coordinate geometry
Winner in Undergrauate category of
Long Island Software Awards competition
May 4, 2000

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Virtual Microprocessor

Write a virtual machine language program and watch it execute.

Arc Intersection Calculator
Calculate coordinates of points where arcs intersect.

The 1997 to 1998 Collection of Applets
Awarded first place
in the 1998 Long Island Software Awards Competition

This collection is based on JDK 1.1

The Ultimate Graphing Software

This educational software contains three different graphing applets.

Computer Science Search Invariants

Two interactive applets based on the computer science theory of invariants.

Visualizing Sorting Algorithms

Visual invariants of different sorting algorithms.

Probability Theory

Learn about the theory of probability by rolling dice.

Long Island Software Awards, 1998

Main Page of Project Java 1998 LISA Entry:
Winner of Undergraduate Category

Additional 1997 to 1998 Applets

Snell's Law
Bending of seismic waves generated by earthquakes
TriPhase Applet
Crystalization of minerals from a melt

The Charter Collection of Applets: 1996 to 1997
Awarded first place
in the 1997 Long Island Software Awards Competition

This collection is based on JDK 1.0.2
Radioactive Decay
Demonstration of rates of decay in naturally occuring radioactive sequences
The Diamond Thief Game
Prisoners' dilemma, a classic game theory problem
Soil Moisture
Calculate a soil water budget
Impact Craters
Figure out the size distribution of impact craters
Earthquake Epicenters
Using wave arrival times to find the epicenter of an earthquake
Bragg's Law and Diffraction:
How waves reveal the atomic structure of crystals
Plate Tectonics
Were South America and Africa once connected?
Waveform Interaction
Manipulate two sine waves and watch them interact.
Try this faster version for slow machines.
Lines: A Game of Strategy
Can you line up five balls of the same color?
Pollutant in a Pond System
Model of a chemical in a stream flowing into a pond
High Pressure Laboratory
Control pressure and temperature to change phases of a substance.

SpiralCrystalGrowth.gif (2941 bytes)

Crystal Growth Applets

A) Spiral growth on a crystal face with an offset

B) "Island"-style  growth on a flat crystal face

The crystal growth applets are based upon JDK 1.1

Anyone for Java?: Mini-Course

Anyone Else for Java?: Mini-Course

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