High Pressure Laboratory

Konstantin Lukin (klukin77@gmail.com)

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Mineral Physics Institute
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How to Use this Applet

This applet enables the user to perform temperature-pressure experiments on a selected substance in order to determine the conditions under which particular phases of that substance are stable. Begin by double-clicking the name of the substance you want to test from the list in the upper-right hand corner. You can use the blue arrows with the mouse or the arrows on your keyboard to navigate through the temperature-pressure space shown on the screen. Your path will be recorded as a series of colored squares, with the color representing the stable phase at each point.

To clear the path, but maintain the current temperature and pressure, use the Clear button. The Reveal button will show the entire phase diagram. The Reset button clears the path and sets the temperature and pressure to the values at the origin.

Mathematical Concepts

Source Code

Konstantin Lukin: klukin77@yahoo.com

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