Pollutant in a Pond System

Mikhail Sabaev

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Mineral Physics Institute
SUNY Stony Brook

How to Use this Applet

In this applet, you are provided with a representation of a pond with an inflow stream and an outflow stream. Using the available text fields, you can control several parameters, and observe the results.

After you have set the parameters, click the OK button to see the results. On the schematic cross section of the pond, relative concentrations are shown by shades of gray, with darker grays representing higher concentrations. You can use the Previous Day and Next Day buttons to navigate through time, as is shown by the red dot on the Relative Concentration graph, labeled C(t)/C(%). The points on the graph are listed in the Relative Concentration chart. Progress in the direction of the final concentration limit is shown in the Progress chart and graph.

Mathematical Concepts

Source Code

Mikhail Sabaev: sabaevm@ug.cs.sunysb.edu

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