CEN 514 Geology of Long Island
Fall, 1997

Instructors: Steve Engelbright and Glenn Richard
Email Glenn.Richard@sunysb.edu
Telephone: 516-632-8336
FAX: 516-632-8140


A copy of Isachsen et al. is on reserve in the ESS library.

Schedule of Classes

4: Introduction to Course
Field Walk in the Ashley Schiff Preserve
Discussion of Projects
Tour of the Museum of Long Island Natural Sciences
11: Summary of Notes
Course Project Proposals Due
Precambrian and Paleozoic Events, Processes, and Bedrock Units
Mesozoic Events, Processes, and Deposits
18: Summary of Notes
Glacial Geology: General Principles
25: Long Island's Glacial Events, Processes, Deposits, and Soils
Summary of Notes
2: No Class
9: Midterm Exam
16: Pleistocene Climate
Summary of Notes
23: Glacial Landforms
Summary of Notes
25: Field Trip: Earth Science Education Workshop on Developing Long Term Research Projects
30: Mid-semester Project Presentations
Salt Marshes
Notes on Flax Pond
6: Salt Marshes (continued)Jamaica Bay: A Case Study in Geoenvironmental Stress
Notes on Flax Pond
Coastal Processes
9: Field Trip: Flax Pond and South Fork
12: (Wednesday) Extra Credit Option: Dinner Talk by Dr. William J. Meyers at Rana's Caffe Alfresco
13: Jamaica Bay: A Case Study in Geoenvironmental Stress
Summary of Notes
20: Final Project Presentations
27: No Class
4: Final Project Presentations
11: Final Exam


Project 30%
Midterm Exam 30%
Final Exam 40%
Extra credit option may be used to raise final grades in borderline cases

The Course Project

Each participant in CEN 514 will be required to develop a lesson plan that is designed to familiarize secondary school students with Earth Science as an investigative process. The lesson plan is to describe a research project that the students are to perform that is designed to answer a specific question or test a specific hypothesis about Long Island's natural environment.

A one-paragraph project proposal is due on September 11. The instructors will review these and make suggestions. The lesson plan is to be submitted in printed form by December 4, 1997. In addition, each partcipant in CEN 514 will be required to deliver two class presentations on their project. The first presentation will consist of a five-minute progress report that will take place on October 30. The final presentations of the project will be about twenty minutes each in duration and will be delivered on November 20 and December 4.

Lesson plans must include the following:

Useful Links

Plate Tectonics

New York Geology

Beaches in the New York Metropolitan Area


New York City, General

New York City Water


Hudson River

Long Island Sound

Pine Barrens


Earthquakes in New York?

General Information

Environmental Organizations


Petroleum Pollution

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