CEN 514 - Geology of Long Island - Fall, 2007

Modified November 30, 2007



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September 6

Introduction to Course

  • Campus geology
September 20

Google Earth Demonstration

Surface Water

  • River systems
  • Pollution studies
September 27

Semester project proposal due (1 paragraph).


  • Hydrogeology
  • Long Island aquifer system
October 4

Glacial Geology

October 11

Coastal Processes: Waves, South Shore Beaches

  • Beaches
  • Spits
  • Barrier Islands

Intro to Google Earth and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

October 18

Coastal Processes: North Shore, Peconic Bay, and Tidal Wetlands

  • Beaches
  • Spits
  • Barrier Islands
  • Effects of Sea Level Change
  • Long Island Sound
  • Sustainability
  • Flax Pond on Google Earth
October 20

Smith Point and Flax Pond Field Trip


  • 9:00 AM - Meet at Smith Point
  • 11:45 PM - Lunch
  • 1:00 PM - Meet at loading dock to carpool for Flax Pond
  • 4:00 PM - Leave Flax Pond
October 25

Coastal Processes: Tidal Wetlands and Flax Pond

  • Salt Marshes (Flax Pond)
  • GIS Analysis of Tidal Wetlands
  • Flax Pond on Google Earth
November 1

Midterm Examination

November 8

Introduction to GIS, Using Long Island Estuaries Data

Tidal Energy on Long Island

Geologic History of Long Island and the Surrounding Region

Google Earth: New York Landscape Regions

  • Tour of High Pressure laboratory
  • Tour of Museum
  • Grenvillian Orogeny
  • Rifting of Rodinia
  • The Taconian Orogeny
  • The Acadian Orogeny
  • The Alleghenian Orogeny
  • Rifting of Pangaea
  • Fault Basins of the East Coast
  • Cretaceous Delta

New York State Geology on Google Earth

November 15 Glacial Geology  
November 17

Pine Barrens and South Fork Field Trip

Meeting time: 9:00 AM - Please be on time or risk missing this mandatory field trip.

Meeting place: Earth and Space Sciences loading dock. All participants must meet there, since the first stop of the trip will be on the Stony Brook campus.

Carpooling: Please arrange to carpool, since a large caravan would likely become fragmented during the trip.

Tuesday, November 20

Glacial Geology

November 29

Vegetation and Geology

  • North Shore Woodlands
  • Long Island Pine Barrens
  • Coastal Plain Ponds
  • Bogs
* December 6

Environmental History of Jamaica Bay

Grandifolia Sandhills

* December 13

Final Exam

  • Similar in format to the midterm and cumulative, but emphasis is on material covered since midterm

Project Reports Due


Web Sites of General Interest Regarding Long Island Geology