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Pakistan Earthquake - October 8, 2005

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NEIC Maps of Recent Earthquake Activity

NEIC High Resolution Map of Events (jpg) (Local Copy)

NEIC High Resolution Tectonic Map with Plates (jpg) (Local Copy)

NEIC High Resolution Hazard Map with Plates (jpg) (Local Copy)

NEIC Details (Local Copy)

NEIC Theoretical P-Wave Travel Times

NEIC Fast Moment Tensor Solution

NEIC Seismic Hazard Map

NEIC Earthquake Information for Pakistan

NEIC Pakistan Earthquake of October 8, 2005 with aftershocks - zipped shapefile

Plates, Cities, Countries, Faults, Plates, and Administrative Boundaries - zipped shapefile

Plates Boundaries near the Event digitized from NEIC Map - zipped shapefile

Modified October 25, 2005